Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is here to make sure that you fully understand and consent to all applicable data collection taking place when you visit and use the website ("the Website") or when you use application ("the Service") both of which are operated by solveo GmbH, Switzerland ("we", "us"). This includes information about the ways your data is collected, stored, used and disclosed to third parties. You will also learn how to revoke your consent and change / delete provided data.

Privacy Policy Changes

The Privacy Policy may be modified or changed at any time. You will be notified about this by receiving an email which was provided during the sign up process (or notifications / announcements inside of the Service). It is encouraged to visit and review this page at some interval to be up to date with the latest privacy Policies.

The modifications to this Privacy Policy are considered to be effective immediately when published to the Website. Your continued use of the Website and the Service after receiving information about changes or publishing of the modified Privacy Policy signifies your acceptance of the modified Privacy Policy.

Using the Website and the Service signifies your consent and that you agree with this Privacy Policy. Otherwise, in case that you do not agree to at least one part of this Privacy Policy, you must stop accessing the Website and the Service.

Sing Up Process

To be able to use the Service you have to sign up by providing personal information (name, email, ...) and information about your organization (name, address, ...).

Your personal and organization data is collected to provide, administer and improve our Service and/or to comply with our legal obligations.

You will not be able to sign up and use the Service if you do not consent or are not able to provide this kind of information.

Purchasing a Paid Subscription

You will be requested to provide your credit card and related (invoice address, ...) information in order to be able to upgrade the Service to paid subscription.

We are using Stripe as our payment processor. The Stripe will receive your your credit card and related (invoice address, ...) information when you place your order. Your purchase of the paid subscription indicates that you understand and agree to the Stripe Terms of Service. We does not posses full access to your credit card information.

By purchasing a paid subscription you agree to the transfer of your credit card data to Stripe Inc., which is based in California, US. Stripe Inc. is certified under the Swiss Privacy Shield Treaty between Switzerland and the US.

You may at any time refuse to provide this data; however, this will limit our ability to provide the Service to you.

Browsing Public Website

Some basic data is collected already in case when you browse the publicly accessible parts of the Website regardless of whether you sign up for the service. This data collection is performed using standard web technologies like cookies, local storage or logs.

Local Storage

The "Local Storage" enables us to store small text based information like settings, preferences or access tokens in your browser. You will not be able to access private parts of the Service if you do not use local storage.


When accessing the Service, we may record some information about how you use the Service and technical information about how the service runs in your browser which is then sent to the server and stored as "logs".

The Logs may include technical information about your IP address, (location, device, browser type, os, ...) together with information about the way you use the Service features. This information is collected in order to be able to improve user experience, stability and provide users with new features.


What are cookies?

This Cookie Policy explains what cookies are and how we use them, the types of cookies we use i.e, the information we collect using cookies and how that information is used, and how to manage the cookie settings.

Cookies are small text files that are used to store small pieces of information. They are stored on your device when the website is loaded on your browser. These cookies help us make the website function properly, make it more secure, provide better user experience, and understand how the website performs and to analyze what works and where it needs improvement.

How do we use cookies?

As most of the online services, our website uses first-party and third-party cookies for several purposes. First-party cookies are mostly necessary for the website to function the right way, and they do not collect any of your personally identifiable data.

The third-party cookies used on our website are mainly for understanding how the website performs, how you interact with our website, keeping our services secure, providing advertisements that are relevant to you, and all in all providing you with a better and improved user experience and help speed up your future interactions with our website.

Manage cookie preferences

You can change your cookie preferences any time by clicking the Cookie Settings link. This will let you revisit the cookie consent banner and change your preferences or withdraw your consent right away.

In addition to this, different browsers provide different methods to block and delete cookies used by websites. You can change the settings of your browser to block/delete the cookies. Listed below are the links to the support documents on how to manage and delete cookies from the major web browsers.




Internet Explorer:

If you are using any other web browser, please visit your browser’s official support documents.

Outbound Links to External Websites

The Website and the Service may contain links to other websites or services. Link does not mean that we endorse, represent or are affiliated with that third party website. As such, we do not exercise any control over such websites or services. We strongly encourage you to understand and consent to Privacy Policies of these websites before you start using them.

In particular, our Website and Service may contain links to social media and blogging platforms such as Github, Twitter and Medium but also links to other unspecified websites which are impossible to know ahead of time as they are created based on the data you have provided us with while using the Service.

Every time a link is operated, it provides information such as your IP-address; the URL of the sites visited before (Referrer URL) and reports it to the link owner.

Clicking on a link indicates that you consent to the applicable data transfer of information such as your IP-address or the URL of the sites visited before (Referrer URL). Again, we strongly encourage you to understand and consent to Privacy Policies of these destination websites before you start using them.

If you don’t agree to this, do not click on these links.

Newsletter and Marketing Communication

We may send you an email with the latest news about our Service, products or promotions to the email address that you provided when signing up for the Service.

You may opt out of marketing-related emails at any time by logging in the Service and changing your account settings or by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of all such emails. In some of our emails, we may use tracking means, such as a “click-through URL” linked to content on the Website or in the Service. We may track this data to evaluate the effectiveness of our customer communications.

Disclosure to Third Parties

We might need to disclose some your personal and organization data to third parties in cases this is necessary for us to be able to provide the Service to you (eg send you an login email). These third parties may have access to your personal and organization data but only to perform these tasks on our behalf. They are also obligated to never disclose or use it for any other purposes.

Controlling Your Information

You may review, update, correct or delete your personal and organization data on the account and organization page when using the Service. Please note that removing of some of the information may prevent us from providing you with the Service and hence is only possible to achieve through the deactivation and deletion of whole organization (and related user) accounts.

Even after organization account deactivation, we may still store some of your data for a brief period of time to complete the whole deactivation process. Please keep in mind that some of the archived data will be stored as long as is mandated by applicable laws and regulations.

Your Rights and Revoke of Consent

You are able to request information about your personal and organization data at any time. To do so, please inform us in writing and identify yourself with a valid ID or passport copy and a document which proves that you are authorized to act on behalf of your organization.

You have a right to revoke your consent to the collection and storage of your personal and organization data by ceasing the usage of the Service and deactivation and deleting of your account.

Please note that some of the data might be stored even after account deletion as required by law and regulations. We will not disclose this data to any third party unless required by law, court order or a compulsory demand of a public authority.

Data Storage Location

The Service is operated on servers and your data is stored exclusively in the data centers located in Zurich Switzerland as a part of Google Inc. cloud infrastructure. As such it is guaranteed to fulfill all the local and international data protection standards and regulations while providing cutting edge technology, performance and robustness.