How it works

Question about code bases

Start with a Question

A question can be literally anything that could be answered by parsing project code base.


  • Which projects use deprecated API of a lib?
  • What versions of a dependency are being used?
  • Which projects consume particular dependency?
  • Which projects do not follow new way of specifying configuration?
  • What is the range and distribution of sizes for given artifact?
  • Which projects install a dependency but do not really use it?
  • ...

Create a check

A question can be expressed by creating a check.

Check are created in Omniboard UI and support extensive customization:

  • Which matching type should be used?
  • What kind of structured meta-data should be extracted?
  • Which projects they should apply to?
  • Which files they should apply to?
Create check
Omniboard runs

Run the analyzer

Once the question was encoded using a dedicated check it is time to run the analyzer.

The @omniboard/analyzer is an open-source node.js based CLI package which will perform following steps:

  • Download latest check definitions
  • Execute checks on the project code base
  • Upload results back to Omniboard

The analyzer can be run on demand from any local development machine and it is also often integrated in the organization wide CI / CD pipeline. That way it can provide always up to date results. Learn more about analyzer.

Explore the results

The analyzer will upload check results back to Omniboard where they can be explored and visualized in various ways.

Projects view

Explore results of all checks per individual project

  • Extra details about matched files / values
  • Get additional context by navigating to origin source code repository

Results view

Explore results of individual check

  • Fulfilled / unfulfilled project breakdown
  • Display extracted structured data

Custom dashboards

Explore results using custom dashboards with large collection of widgets that visualise checks and their structured data