Define checks to query your code bases

Checks represent and extremely flexible way to gain insight into the code bases of your enterprise organization.

check_circle Define checks to cover your use cases

check_circle Leverage extensive check customization to get desired results

check_circle Receive always up to date results (analyzer runs with latest check definitions)

Omniboard.dev checks
Omniboard.dev checks customization

Checks customization

Create tailor made checks that perfectly fit your use case

Checks can be customized in multiple ways to make sure they deliver only relevant results.

check_circle Analyze only relevant files

check_circle Apply checks only to the projects which fulfill some condition

check_circle Extract information into structured metadata which can be explored in results and used create beautiful dashboards

check_circle Exclude invalid paths which might contain matching file types (eg vendor, test data)

check_circle Clone exiting checks to save time when only slight customization is needed


Explore check results for analyzed projects

Running @omniboard/analyzer in a project workspace will retrieve latest checks, run analysis and upload results which we then can explore.

check_circle Explore fulfilled (and unfulfilled) checks for every project

check_circle Investigate exact matches in project files

check_circle Inspect structured metadata of particular check

check_circle Navigate to source file of given check result in respective source control repository

Omniboard.dev projects
Omniboard.dev results


A check-centric results view

Results allow us to easily gain overview about which project fulfill (or don't) every given check.

check_circle Track check fulfillment progress

check_circle Track projects without result (for which the check didn't run yet)

check_circle Inspect structured metadata of particular check per project


Visualize the most important data with ease

Being able to extract relevant data is important but gaining insight is the key!

check_circle Gain high level overview and track progress

check_circle Create many organization wide and private task based dashboards

check_circle Visualize extracted metadata with a corresponding widget

check_circle More than 7 unique visualization widgets (and much more on the roadmap)

Omniboard.dev dashboards
Omniboard.dev analyzer


The bridge between Omniboard and your code bases

Analyzer retrieves latest check definitions, runs them in the project workspace and uploads results into Omniboard.

check_circle Always runs with latest check definitions

check_circle Develop and debug checks provided as inline CLI argument

check_circle Run only a sub-set of checks using check pattern argument

check_circle Store results as local json file for debugging or 3rd party use-cases