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Omniboard.dev - Query your entrire code base

Query Your Code bases

Define ad-hoc checks and run queries against every project in your code bases to get total overview

Omniboard.dev - Make Informed Decisions

Make Informed Decisions

Understand the full picture and possible impact to make better strategic decisions

Omniboard.dev - Manage Lifecycle

Manage Lifecycle

Plan and manage lifecycle of both the internal and the 3rd party dependencies

Omniboard.dev - Track Progress

Track Progress

Make sure every migration is performed and finished successfully with help of always up to date overview

Omniboard.dev - Actionable Insights

Get Actionable Insights

Find new opportunities to improve your overall software quality, architecture, and developer productivity

Omniboard.dev - Actionable Insights

Tune All Your Code Bases

Explore and oversee changes of all your enterprise code bases all in one place

Omniboard.dev - Colaborate as Team

Collaborate With Your Team

Visualise current state, track progress and collaborate with your team

Omniboard.dev - Colaborate as Team

Improve Code Quality

Define, track and enforce best practices across projects and teams

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Learn more about use case where Omniboard helps you to get stuff done

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What our customers are saying

Testimonial - Christof Leuenberger, Die Mobiliar

Christof Leuenberger

Technology Architect & Product Owner Die Mobiliar

Omniboard helped us manage and track various large scale initiatives like migration from Angular.js to Angular or migration to cloud. Besides that it provides us with always up to date environment overview...

Die Mobiliar
Testimonial - Kevin Kreuzer, Google Developer Expert for Angular

Kevin Kreuzer

Software Architect, Google Developer Experts Schaltstelle

Omniboard helped me evaluate impact, implement and finalize migration from "icon font" to svg style icons solution while working on a component library used by more than hundred applications in a large swiss enterprise organization


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